Great wines since 2005

The priority when creating the winery was to ensure a successful marriage between the essential needs of a working winery and the aesthetic demands of living and working in a small, rural, and relatively unspoilt area. Local stone was used in the construction and local craftsmen and women helped in its creation. The working side of the winery has a capacity to produce a limited amount of bottles annually, and this output will be maintained in order to ensure the high level of quality control is consistently maintained.

Harvest is spread out from the beginning of August until the end of September. As the grapes are brought in we ferment each lot separately and then run them into small tanks and keep each lot independent throughout the following winter. Throughout the winemaking process, we aim to be as low impact as possible, using gravity when possible and handling the wines as few times as we can to raise them up into their maturity. Our goal is to have the wine in bottle represent the youthful energy and enthusiasm that we feel for winemaking and to try and relate this to the consumer by presenting the wines ready to drink.

The following spring, blending decisions are made, red wines are run into barrels with the final blends intact and the whites and rose are bottled young and fresh to retain their fruit and youthfulness. For our younger released red wines (MOMENTUM) we do final blending in the late spring and the first red wines are bottled before summer they then age for at least one more year to our cellars. Our longer aged reds (Cabernet Sauvignon, Organic Mataro) remain in barrel for an additional year and then aged for one more year in our cellars. We produce wines as companions to food, and feel the greatest expression is when you can share them with a great meal and all your best friends. It is in this spirit that we were initially enamored by winemaking and the message that we are trying to convey is that wine is for enjoyment and to enhance the act of eating and talking and the interchange of ideas.